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Friday, August 29, 2008

My TV was broken

CBS Sportsline:

c) Yes: It sucked balls.
d) No: And I'm pissed. Next time you can drive yourself to the hospital, Eric.


Zuch said...

How about this option

e) Yes, but I was too drunk to remember much of it (In my case, I had to enjoy the unlimited beer at the party for Cherwin's roommate at a pizza joint near his place).

Also, I love the concept of this blog and hope to contribute a little bit (especially as I delve into the political sites before the election here as I cross my fingers we don't elect another crazy maverick president, seeing as how how it's worked so well the last eight years)

Zuch said...

My dumb ass also figured that poll was after the real start of the season Saturday. In that case, here's another option

a) yes, just because we needed to see sight of Erin Andrews on the football field

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